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The 3 Online Dating Profile Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Chances For Romance

by Suzanne Mills

Meeting people that you want to be date can be difficult when you have a busy life, or when you live in an area that doesn't have a lot of nightlife or social opportunities. Online dating can be a big help when you need help making connections. However, filling out an online dating profile can be a challenge, and some profile mistakes can cause potential matches to write you off before you ever have a chance to connect. Take a look at some common online dating profile mistakes and find out how to avoid them.

Using Non-Specific Terms

When potential dating partners peruse your profile, they're looking for something that you might have in common with them. Without specific examples, it's hard to tell what those commonalities might be. For example, it's fine to say that you love spending time outdoors, but does that mean that you're into rock climbing, or that you're an avid bird-watcher?

There are a wide range of things that this could mean, and two people who both love the outdoors might not actually share any interest in the same outdoor activities. Getting specific can help people who do share your interests find you. Avoid generalities and use specific examples instead.


Many people find themselves filling out an online dating profile after a past relationship ended badly. And that's fine – if you're ready to move on, online dating is a great place to start. But oversharing can make it seem like you're not ready to move on, and can be a big turnoff to potential matches.

Listing all the ways that you've been unlucky in love in the past or describing the depressing details of your most recent breakup won't endear you to a new dating partner. Instead, it will make potential matches wonder what kind of baggage you'll be bringing to any new relationship, and they're liable to decide that they don't want to deal with it. Leave your previous heartbreaks out of your dating profile – and if you just can't stop yourself from bringing them up, consider whether you're really ready to date again just yet.

Choosing the Wrong Picture

Choosing a picture for an online dating profile can be tricky, and a lot of people get it wrong. However, having a picture is vital – many users won't even bother looking further into your profile if there's no face to go with it.

Avoid pictures that show pets, kids, or other family members. Potential dating partners want to get to know you first – you can introduce them to the family later, if things work out. You should also avoid misleading photos. Don't upload an old picture of yourself because you're embarrassed about your weight or some new lines on your face. Of course, you should choose a flattering photo, but it should represent what you look like in real life. Don't worry if you're not a supermodel – you don't need to be for someone to be interested in you. However, a misleading picture can cause you to miss connections with people who would have been attracted to your real appearance, and it can leave the people you do connect with feeling disappointed and betrayed when your real life appearance doesn't match the photo.

If you just aren't having any luck with your online dating profile, you may need someone else to take a look at it. An online dating profile service, like Get Me More Dates, can help you perk up your profile so that it better represents the real you and, and this will help you catch the eye of your perfect match.